You can rent a movie theater for an unlimited number of people at low cost at Look Dine-In


Movie theaters have undoubtedly been hit hard during the pandemic, but the Look Dine-In Theater chain has been hit the hardest. The movie theater chain closed in 2020, closing its only north Texas location on Belt Line Road in Addison.

It was then that Brian Schultz, the new CEO of Look Cinemas and founder of the Studio Movie Grill chain, set to work to relaunch the Look Cinema franchise.

“From my perspective, there are jerks,” says Schultz, “but generally the big screen is back.”

Look reopened its movie theater experience at a new location on Technology Boulevard in mid-summer along with five additional national locations. While the pandemic has forced theaters to close or file for bankruptcy – like the Studio Movie Grill, which Schultz left – it has also given chains time to revamp their business model.

“COVID gave us a chance to start over with a blank sheet of paper and really innovate and project what movie theaters would be like and the era of dinner and movie theater experiences,” Schultz said. “I think there is going to be a movement of people totally embracing him.”

Click to enlarge Customers can order much more than popcorn and candy during movie screenings at the Look Dine-In Theater.  -DANNY GALLAGHER

Customers can order much more than popcorn and candy during movie screenings at the Look Dine-In Theater.

Danny gallagher

Look has moved much of its theater to make screenings and private events more accessible. The movie theater restaurant offers a lower theater rental price of $ 99 for customers and “as many guests as you want,” Schultz said.

“We’re definitely not at the same level as we were before the pandemic, but the content has also been a bit patchy,” Schultz said. “My personal conviction is that the [James] Bond movie that we got to see extended trailers for in Las Vegas in mid-October, that’s when we’ll start to return to pre-COVID attendance levels. ”

Customers can hire the theater to watch preview or classic screenings, organize private events and even play games or watch esports events on the big screen. The theater hosted a private viewing experience of free guy featuring Ryan Reynolds to share their new experience of watching movies and dining in action. Customers can order meals from a full menu of starters and entrees via their phone during the pre-screening period while enjoying a movie or anything else on the big screen, in a plush armchair and comfortable.

“We’re movie buffs and absolutely think it’s an important time for the community to come together and have the group experience that you can only get in a darkroom movie theater,” Schultz said.

Even if the cinemas are open again, the public is not flooding them as before the pandemic. Schultz says he expects that to change.

“They’re not used to going to the movies anymore, but they’re also tired of sitting on the couch and watching a movie, no matter how big the television is,” says Schultz. “When you see an image on the big screen and everyone can get that feeling again… people want to bring it back.”

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