The Venom 2 cast list on the movie channel’s website includes JK Simmons


A synopsis for Venom: Let There Be Carnage posted on Vue Cinema’s website may have just spoiled JK Simmons’ surprise appearance as J. Jonah Jameson.

A Venom 2 The cast list posted on a movie channel website includes JK Simmons. The actor first appeared as J. Jonah Jameson in Sony’s past Spider Man trilogy from director Sam Raimi. Simmons went on to make a surprise appearance as editor of The Daily Bugle in the Sony-Marvel joint production, Spider-Man: Far From Home. The film ended on a massive cliffhanger as Jameson exposes Spider-Man’s identity as Peter Parker to the world. Simmons will reprise the role in the trio again, Spider-Man: No Path Home.

After Spider-Man: Far From Home marked the end of the deal between Sony and Marvel, many believed it could be the web-slinger’s last MCU movie. Eventually, the two studios struck a new deal, allowing Tom Holland to return as Spider-Man for his third outing in the MCU, which also appears to be connected to Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters. As indicated by a trailer for Morbius, Michael Keaton’s MCU character Vulture will appear in this film, demonstrating the connectivity of the two universes. Now new evidence suggests J. Jonah Jameson will make an appearance before Spider-Man 3.

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A summary for Venom: let there be carnage Posted on Cinema ViewThe website of, a chain of theaters, features JK Simmons alongside many of the confirmed cast, such as Michelle Williams, Naomie Harris and Stephen Graham. The cast list also particularly includes Tom Hollander who, like Simmons, has also not been confirmed by other sources. The actor is known for Bohemian Rhapsody and Mowgli: legend of the jungle and should not be confused with Tom Holland. Screen cry has reached out to Sony for comment on this distribution list, but has not had a response at time of writing. See a screenshot of the synopsis below:

Venom 2 Cast List Vue Cinema JK Simmons

Although the synopsis does not explicitly mention J. Jonah Jameson, it is safe to assume that Simmons appears in Venom: let there be carnage, it would be in this role. If this cast list is correct, Vue Cinema may have accidentally ruined its surprise appearance in the film. However, given that Simmons and Hollander have both been rumored, but have not been confirmed to appear in Venom 2, it is also possible that this distribution list includes Simmons and Hollander purely by mistake.

Since Sony’s first live-action Venom in 2018, fans were expecting a showdown between the Symbiote and Spider-Man in the MCU. Under the studio’s new contract, this is entirely possible. J. Jonah Jameson could set the stage for this showdown by hiring Eddie Brock to take pictures of Spider-Man. However, it would be best to wait for Simmons to appear in Vemon 2 to be confirmed before going wild with this type of speculation.

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Source: Cinema View

  • Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021)Release date: 01 Oct 2021

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