How to visit the SC Big Mo drive-in theater during COVID-19


After a year of closures and social distancing, The Big Mo drive-in theater in Monetta is back with a bit of Hollywood magic.

Here’s everything you need to know if you’re considering purchasing a ticket.

A little history

The Monetta drive-in open for the first time in 1951 as a single screen movie theater. It operated in this way for 35 years until it closed in 1986, then reopened in 1999 under its current owner, Richard Boaz.

In 2005, the theater got its second screen followed by its third and final screen in 2011. In 2014, the giant peach, which has become an easily recognizable symbol of the theater on social media platforms, was built to house the projector. number of the main field. .

The Big Mo owners believe in providing affordable family entertainment, according to their website. This is why they are offering a two-for-one offer on films shown on the same site. These dual-functionality deals are curated by Big Mo reps to give customers the best possible price, but, according to their website, production studios often have the final say in pairing two movies.

The Big Mo is open in summer, fall and spring. It is currently at the end of its summer season, which began in mid-May after the pandemic forced it to close for most of 2020. The theater was able to survive, Boaz told The State in June. , by organizing special events and screenings. .


Due to the high transmission rates of the Delta variant nationwide, face masks are required in The Big Mo’s concession building, according to its website.

There are currently 118 new and confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Aiken County on Wednesday, according to the latest data from state health authorities.

The theater also encourages keeping 6 feet between individuals while queuing for concessions. Movie fans can get a $ 1 discount on popcorn if they present their vaccination record at the cashier.

Play this weekend

You can catch “free guy”, Starring Ryan Reynolds, this weekend on the main field of The Big Mo. The film revolves around Reynold’s character, Guy, who discovers that the fictional world he lives in is a video game and that he is about to be destroyed. As the only self-aware character in the game, Guy is determined to save the people and the place he loves by becoming a hero in his own way.

Jungle cruise”, With Emily Blunt and Dwayne“ The Rock ”Johnson, will follow“ Free Guy ”on the main field. This PG-13 movie follows Blunt as Dr. Lily Houghton who, along with Johnson’s character Frank Wolff, sets out on a journey to find an ancient tree in the Amazon River that is believed to have the power to heal people.

On screen two, “Paw PatrolThe film, starring Kim Kardashian and Tyler Perry, will air. The film, based on the popular television show of the same name from Nickelodeon, follows the gang of rescue dogs as they embark on an adventure to defeat Humdinger, their nemesis, before he can destroy Adventure City.

baby“, the 1995 film starring James Cromwell and Christine Cavanaugh, will play after Paw Patrol on screen two. The film centers on a piglet named Babe who is bought by a farmer at a county fair and is to determine his role on the farm. After befriending a sheepdog, Babe discovers he has a gift for herding sheep. He must find the best way to acclimatize to his new job and to do in the face of skepticism from other farm animals.

Screen three will play an R-rated movie “Candy. “The film is based on a legendary neighborhood villain who regularly distributes razor blade candy to children in the community. Anthony, played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, is captivated by the story and begins to delve into the legend He discovers that saying the man’s name five times while looking at himself in the mirror summons the dreaded star of the fable. In no time, the inexplicable occurs and Anthony is dragged down a violent road.

After “Candyman” on screen three is director and producer Jordan Peele “Get out. “The film premiered in 2017 and follows Chris, played by Daniel Kaluuya, as he travels with his girlfriend to meet his parents for the first time. The more Chris gets to know the family, whose initial behavior he attributes to nervousness around his interracial relationship with their daughter, the more he begins to realize that something far more sinister is going on.

Sofia Sanchez is a reporter for The Island Packet and Beaufort Gazette. She reports on the crime and develops stories in Beaufort and its surroundings. Sofia is a Cuban-American journalist from Florida and graduated from Florida International University in 2020.

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