FILM REVIEWS: METHOD APPROACH Podcast Announces Most Notable “Must See” Films for August 2021


Method Approach Podcast to see films by August 2021

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, August 3, 2021 / – Methodological approach® Podcast announces its most notable must-see movies for August 2021. Film reviews are conducted by each member of Notable magazine’s editorial board, ”according to Paula Levine, vice president of Lexcirca Streaming Movie & TV Idea Creators and John Rearden, creator of several movies and TV series and the Method Approach podcast.

John Rearden, prolific writer and creator of original content (movies and TV series), has been contacted by several OnDemand studios to bid on obtaining production rights. On that date, he created the following original content screen treatments:

1. Science fiction thriller “Planet Earth”
2. “The Music” A streaming television series in the genre “Fame and Glee”.
3. Political drama taking place under the presidency of JFK (Sissy Spacek, Frances McDormand, Jodie Foster or Glenn Close have been identified as possible leads).
4. Vigilance film “Never Again” (see trailer) which will rewrite this kind of similar films, Taken, Die Hard, Mute, Peppermint Wrath of Man, Without Remorse.

“We’re also launching our first ‘film contest’ for the Method Approach podcast.

Method Approach The most notable podcast must-see movies of August 2021 are featured in the Movie Review poster.

APPROACH METHOD® also announced that each month starting September 1, 2021, it will begin providing its “Unique Streaming Entertainment, Theater and Cable TV Reviews and Ratings, from numerous companies such as @ Disney +, @Hulu, @Netflix , HBOMAX @Primevideo, ”Ms. Levine said.

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New trailer for the movie “Never Again”

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