Beckett Review – It’s not a big cinema, but it’s good enough for Netflix


There have been a lot of big releases lately. Cinemas almost make up for our lack of new stuff by giving us everything we want at once. With franchise films like The suicide squad and exciting blockbusters like free guy, it’s easy to want to spend an evening with a big bucket of popcorn. But what options do we have for those who want to spend a shorter night? The last version of Netflix that we’re going to give a review is Beckett. It might not be as admired or expected as its competition, but it’s not the worst thing to do when you’re struggling to decide what to stream. This spoiler-free review is ready to tell you why.

Beckett Review – There’s a lot going on in a slow movie on Netflix

Beckett, which marks the first English film by director Ferdinando Cito Filomarino, follows the main character played by John David Washington. While on vacation with April (Alicia Vikander), the couple encounter an unfortunate accident. April is killed in a car accident resulting in her lover falling asleep at the wheel.

What would be a totally heartbreaking incident in real life ends up turning into a mess Beckett never dreamed of being a part of. After seeing a child and a woman in the mess left by their accident, the police inform the widow that there was no one around. Was it his imagination or is someone lying to him?

Our protagonist spends the rest of the movie running away from just about everyone, and it’s hard to identify who’s trustworthy and who isn’t. Themes of political plots, protests and attempts at heroism follow in what is, at its core, an elementary action film.

The acting behind the action isn’t all it could have been

Do not mistake yourself. We love a good action movie here at Comic Years. But for good old fight choreography and chase scenes, there has to be someone threatening or charismatic behind the punches. Beckett doesn’t really give us all of that. After waking up to a deceased woman and your own injuries, you might think there would be a little more emotion behind every decision. Sadly, John David Washington falls short of the expectations some of his recent films have left us. His playing is more in line with what we saw in Malcolm & Marie than BlackKkKlansman.

In addition to the bland play of someone who may still have potential, Alicia Vikander feels lost in this movie. The actress has more than blown us in the past and received a merit Academy Award is given a few sentences in the film that its inclusion sounds like nothing more than a way to begin the remaining plot. Her death doesn’t hurt, and it’s easy to forget that she was never there. The script is more to blame than Vikander, but we still wonder why she decided to participate in this.

Image via Netflix.

I always feel like they’ve tried, and sometimes it’s enough

I watched this movie the same day I went to see The suicide squad. Along with my VIP ticket and movie snacks, the latter cost me almost $ 50, which was well worth it considering how enjoyable the movie was. Corn Beckett was free, and thank goodness it was. Sometimes it’s nice to shoot a crazy movie and spend a few hours on the couch without feeling the pressure to pay for something.

Another plus of the film is that it does a great job showing the landscapes of Netflix’s latest filming destination. Greece is an underutilized country in cinema, which is silly because it is full of beautiful places that can easily compete with the ones we’ve seen time and time again, like Paris, London, and Rome.

Ultimately, as discussed in our review of Beckett, it is not known in what genre this film decided to lean beyond simplicity. Is it a political thriller? A desperate love story? Filled with action for the sake of action? We don’t know, and it’s obvious neither do the filmmakers. Nothing is ever held back long enough, and we forget what happened after watching everything that came out this month.

If you are looking for something easy to put on, consider finding the film at home, which is available to stream now. And if you do, let us know if you agree with our Netflix movie review. Beckett!

Featured image via Netflix.

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